Investment Management

Several benefits that TVI investment management clients especially appreciate include:

  1. Clear Reporting
  2. Comprehensive Bond Market Access
  3. Verifiable Transparency

Clear Reporting:
TVI’s proprietary Platinum Bond Reporting is capable of the most sophisticated bond calculations, yet is easily understood by the less experienced finance manager (and council member!).  Portfolios we manage are measured by the familiar yield to maturity as well as total return. This is simply because bonds are purchased on a yield to maturity basis and that common metric should not be replaced with “Current Yield,” “Market Yield,” “Book Yield” or a host of less familiar metrics that don’t answer the simple question, “so, how much are we making?”
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Comprehensive Bond Market Access:

One of the greatest advantages of retaining a bond portfolio manager is gaining access to major Wall Street bond inventories that the client wouldn’t otherwise have. There are dozens of these inventories posted on Bloomberg. Being able to purchase directly from these inventories with no middle man is a rare privilege. TVI has access through the Concourse Financial Group Securities Inc (subsidiary of Protective Life Insurance) trading desk. Does your manager have Comprehensive Bond Market Access? We do.
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Verifiable Transparency:
When TVI purchases a bond on behalf of an investment advisory client, we provide confirmation that the price we paid for the bond is the same price that the client paid.  This confirmation is generated by an independent third party. 

TVI Adds No Markup Nor Commission to Investment Advisory Accounts
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TVI Specializes in Public Funds Investments 
Given the “Safety, Liquidity, Return” hierarchy that governs public funds investing, public funds investment management requires unique expertise.  TVI specializes in public funds investing.  Over 300 public entities have opened accounts and purchased securities through TVI on a “brokerage basis” and increasingly public entity clients are retaining TVI to manage their public funds investment portfolios.

Below is a listing of services and typical timeline for implementation of investment management services provided by TVI to public entities:

Our Managers.  A
Clear Difference…
After the investment portfolio is established, TVI clients can expect ready access to their investment manager, unlike some firms that require the client to speak with a representative or consultant rather than the actual investment manager.

TVI clients appreciate the fact that our investment managers are also investment educators.  In fact, TVI is widely recognized as a premier public funds investment educator. You’ll find that TVI investment managers simplify public funds investing and never resort to jargon or “bond-speak." 

Foundation, Endowment & Non-Profit Investors
As a result of TVI’s powerful alliance with Concourse Financial Group Securities Inc, TVI offers a two pronged approach to the management of Foundation, Endowment & Non-Profit Investors, leveraging the institutional fixed-income experience of Time Value Investments and the extensive equity portfolio management experience of Concourse Financial Group Securities Inc. 

On the equity side, Concourse Financial Group Securities Inc believes that clients are best served by a traditional “modern portfolio theory” approach to investing.  While industries and products change, there is still no substitute for constructing an optimized portfolio of broadly diversified asset classes, styles, and strategies.

This specialization in each of the two common financial markets is rare and valuable to the investment management client.  

It simply makes sense to utilize bond specialists, Time Value Investments, for the bond portion of the portfolio and equity specialists, Concourse Financial Group Securities Inc, for the stock/equity portion of the portfolio.  

All of TVI’s advantages outlined above (clear reporting, comprehensive bond market access, verifiable transparency etc.) are provided to Foundation, Endowment & Non-Profit Investors.


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