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Bonds Are Time Value Investments

Time Value Investments, Inc. or "TVI", is widely recognized as a premier provider of Institutional Fixed Income Investments. Securities are provided through the bond trading desk at Concourse Financial Group Securities Inc, a subsidiary of Protective Life Insurance Corporation.

Through this alliance with Concourse Financial Group Securities Inc, Time Value Investments has direct, unfettered access to the major Wall Street bond inventories. This means the firm is under no pressure to "push" any one dealer's inventory. TVI clients appreciate this independent, unbiased approach. The highest priority of TVI's staff is to find the best bond values for their clients.  True institutional access requires substantial infrastructure. Clients visiting our Seattle trading floor are often stunned at the sight of nearly 100 full sized monitors in one room.  

As sophisticated as our operation is, one of the most differentiating features of TVI is our ability to simplify complex securities, strategies and investment operations.  There is a reason our seminal 4 hour class “Public Funds Investments Made Easy”  is consistently requested and well attended by institutional and public funds investors throughout the western states.  We simplify institutional investing.

TVI Specializes in Public Funds Investments 
Over 300 Public Entities Have Opened Accounts and Purchased Bonds Through TVI.


While we have extensive experience with institutional investing generally, we have special expertise in public funds investing. Over 300 public entities have opened accounts and purchased bonds through TVI.  

We are active in a wide variety of municipal finance officers organizations, including:

  • Washington Finance Officers Association
  • Washington Public Treasurers Association
  • Washington State Association of County Treasurers
  • California Municipal Treasurers Association
  • California Society of Municipal Finance Officers
  • Oregon Government Finance Officers Association
  • Idaho Associaton of County Treasurers 
  • Colorado Government Finance Officers Association
  • Alaska Government Finance Officers Association.  

Most of these organizations have invited us to teach classes on the subject of public funds investments at their various conferences.

Our extensive experience also includes:

  • Assisting with the construction of GFOA Best Practices investment policies
  • Assisting in the development of portfolios that comply with those policies
  • Executing investment purchases from virtually every major institutional fixed-income provider on Wall Street

Further, TVI has developed proprietary institutional bond reporting specifically for the public entity sector. 


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