Non-Discretionary Investment Management

Time Value Investments management provides full non-discretionary investment services to public entities.  This allows the public funds finance officer to rely on TVI’s extensive experience and proven knowledge of the fixed income markets.  It also shifts the burden of dealing with various brokers and “lists of securities” to your TVI senior investment advisor.  

 Your advisor will:

  • Identify securities for your entity’s portfolio which comply with your entity’s investment policy
  • Obtain fair pricing for each security
  • With permission of an authorized officer of the public entity, purchase the security on behalf of the public entity. 

Additional services TVI management provides include:

  • Extensive bond reporting (sample reports available upon request).
  • Thorough review (or creation) of appropriate investment policy including necessary updates. 
  • Establishment of appropriate benchmarks and investment strategy.
  • Assistance in determining appropriate weighted average maturity and duration measures.
  • TVI management will provide a clear understanding of the investment process and products in straightforward language without “bond speak”.

Given TVI’s extensive experience in the field of public funds investment education, TVI management clients can also expect substantial education regarding all facets of the public funds investment process.

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