Comprehensive Bond Market Access

One of the greatest advantages of utilizing institutional bond market specialists is gaining access to major Wall Street bond inventories that the client wouldn’t otherwise have.  There are dozens of these inventories posted on Bloomberg. Being able to purchase directly from those inventories with no middle man is a rare privilege. TVI has access through the Concourse Financial (subsidiary of Protective Life Insurance)  trading desk.

This broad access means the firm is under no pressure to "push" any one dealer's inventory. TVI clients appreciate this independent, unbiased approach. The highest priority of TVI's staff is to find the best bond values for their clients.  True institutional access requires substantial infrastructure. Clients visiting our Seattle trading floor are often stunned at the sight of nearly 100 full sized monitors in one room. Comprehensive bond market access is stunning indeed.

TVI’s Relationship with Concourse Financial

Concourse Financial is wholly owned by Protective Life Insurance Corporation, a major life insurance provider.  Protective Life Insurance provides capital backing to Concourse. Due largely to Protective Life Insurance’s financial strength, Concourse has established trading relationships directly with many of the major Wall Street bond trading dealers.  Concourse provides this direct access to Time Value Investments (TVI). Although any nonsecurities activities conducted by Time Value Investments, Inc. are independent of Concourse.


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