Public Entities

Time Value Investments specializes in public funds investments.  Over 300 public entities have opened accounts and purchased securities through TVI.  TVI provides public entities with both Brokerage and Investment Advisory/Management services.  We are active in a wide variety of municipal finance officers’ organizations and are regularly invited to teach classes at these organizations’ conferences.  TVI regularly offers a popular 4 hour class, "Public Funds Investing Made Easy." More information and a sample of the class can be found by clicking the “Investment Training” tab above.


The majority of TVI’s public entity accounts are cities throughout the western states. You’ll find TVI’s proprietary “Platinum” investment reporting to be city council friendly. We are often requested to assist with creating GFOA “Best Practices” investment policies. TVI also works closely with a number of 3rd party safekeeping agents and can help in the selection of the best fit for your City.


Many county treasurers we serve appreciate the clear, jargon-free explanations TVI provides.  This lack of “bond-speak” makes it easier for treasurers to present the finer points of specific securities to county finance committees and district finance officers.  You’ll find TVI’s proprietary “Platinum” investment reporting to be county finance committee friendly. We are often requested to assist with creating GFOA “Best Practices” investment policies. TVI also works closely with a number of 3rd party safekeeping agents and can help your County select one that will best meet your needs.


TVI assists a significant number of public colleges.  We are very familiar with the cyclical nature of Colleges' cash flow and the need to invest accordingly.  The unpredictability of State funding must also be factored into the structure of the portfolio.

You’ll find TVI’s proprietary “Platinum” investment reporting to be finance staff friendly and customizable as needed. We can also assist in finding the best 3rd party safekeeping provider for the College’s portfolio, thus ensuring compliance with GFOA best practices for safekeeping and delivery.  You have a college to run. We know public funds investments. Lets talk.


TVI provides securities to a large number and variety of districts. These include: public utility, hospital, irrigation, water and sewer, irrigation, sanitation, school and others. Each of these public funds investors have unique needs and investment requirements. Consequently, the investment policy may need to be adjusted to reflect the specific cash flow constraints and risk tolerance of the district.

We, at TVI, are regularly invited to teach classes on the topic of GFOA best practices investment policies as well as appropriate public funds investing generally. TVI also provides customizable Investment Reporting specifically created for public entities.


A significant number of ports utilize TVI to provide appropriate and conservative investments. Ports have several attributes that make them stand out among public funds investors. They manage businesses and marinas, acquire and develop commercial real estate, and act as primary contact points for interstate and international commerce.  TVI is extensively experienced at helping ports navigate these challenging waters and manage the turbulance of the investment markets.

As a Port finance officer, you will find TVI’s proprietary “Platinum” investment reporting to be finance staff friendly and customizable as needed. 

Housing Authorities

Finance officers of housing authorities are faced with unique challenges. From managing and maintaining rental housing units to interfacing with federal agencies and mandates, housing authorities strive to provide affordable housing for the communities they serve. As an investment provider for a substantial number of housing authorities, TVI offers guidance and assistance when investing around these challenges.

As a Housing Authority finance officer, you will find TVI’s proprietary “Platinum” investment reporting to be finance staff friendly and customizable as needed.   


The financial needs of corporations are as varied as the products and services that they offer. This calls for specialized investment recommendations and services that meet the needs of the individual corporation. TVI has the expertise, tools, and experience to provide investment solutions that fit your company's requirements, no matter your industry or financial position.

TVI can provide a full suite of investment types to meet your corporation’s needs, and we also provide advice regarding which specific investments will best fit the corporation’s portfolio. The investment tools we can provide include:

  • Money market funds from the most respected providers on Wall Street.   Money market funds are ideal for meeting liquidity needs
  • Fixed income securities, including: US Treasury and Government Agency bonds, Federally Insured CDs, Municipal bonds (tax-exempt and taxable), Corporate bonds and Commercial Paper, etc.  Upon request we will gladly provide a list of Wall Street dealers that TVI purchases from directly with no middleman mark up.
  • For maximum convenience and efficiency, TVI can link a corporation’s existing checking/savings account at virtually any bank, to the corporation’s TVI investment account.  This is accomplished through the ACH system. No need for expensive, time consuming wires. Let us explain how to get this done.

Banks & Credit Unions

In the rapidly changing banking landscape, financial institutions need a partner that is both knowledgeable and efficient at maximizing profitability while maintaining proper liquidity and capital requirements. TVI offers extensive institutional experience in the capital markets providing fixed income and liquidity solutions so banks and credit unions can continue doing what they do best, adding value for their clients.

TVI is an ideal partner for financial institutions because of our extensive offerings, including:

Fixed Income Solutions: TVI offers a complete range of fixed income investments, from certificates of deposit and Treasuries to corporate and mortgage-backed securities. We are active in the new-issue and secondary markets and have extensive dealer relationships to facilitate trading.

Portfolio Accounting: Our proprietary Platinum reporting can assist your entity in tracking and administering the portfolio. Our robust reporting tools offer various outputs, including yield analysis, market/book value calculations, asset allocation, and call probability.

Flexible Safekeeping: For clients who need it, TVI provides free custodial safekeeping services to our investment clients. Alternatively, we deliver to existing custodians if the relationships are in place.

Endowments, Foundations, & Nonprofits

The primary function of endowment, foundation, and 501(c)3 personnel is to contribute to the furthering of that organization’s principal mission. Whether that means supporting institutions, making grants, or providing necessary services to those in need, we assist you in achieving these goals by acting as an extension of the organization’s investment staff.

Time Value Investments (TVI) takes a two-pronged approach to the management of nonprofit, endowment and foundation clients. TVI, a dedicated institutional bond provider, is a branch office of Concourse Financial Group Securities, a sophisticated equity management firm.  Therefore, nonprofit, endowment and foundation clients benefit from two separate specialized teams that manage the two separate components of a fixed income and equity portfolio. This market sector specialization provides a far more efficient and professional portfolio than portfolios managed by a “jack of all trades”.

 The division of funds into a fixed-income and an equity portfolio allows us to preserve capital while also achieving a stock market-based rate of return for our institutional and non-profit clients.


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