Time Value Investments’ (TVI) proprietary Platinum Bond Reporting makes it easy for the non-investment specialist as well as the investment professional, to hone in on the most relevant components of the institutional fixed-income investment portfolio.

Platinum Reporting provides simple as well as more unique and powerful portfolio metrics in an easy to read format.

Examples of simple analysis include:

A visual depiction of the upcoming maturities (“Maturity Distribution”):

Monthly cash flows per security for the next 12 months (“Extended Cash Flows”):

The percentages of each type of security in the portfolio ("Portfolio Composition"):

The percentage of the portfolio invested in callable bonds vs. noncallable bonds, as well as the percentage of callable bonds that were purchased at a discount:

Platinum Reporting provides metrics that are unique and powerful. These include calculations that determine the likelihood of a callable security being called on the next call date. In fact, the report will actually estimate the bond market interest rate change necessary to trigger a call feature for each callable security in the portfolio!

TVI’s proprietary Platinum Reporting also provides portfolio performance versus benchmarks (including Local Government Investment Pools) on a Yield to Maturity as well as a Total Return basis:

Sophisticated investment policy compliance reports are also included in Time Value Investments’ Platinum Reporting:

Naturally, the expected components of professional portfolio reporting are included, such as weighted average yield (assuming no bonds called), weighted average yield (assuming all bonds called), weighted average maturity, duration, percentage of portfolio in various types of bonds, cash flows per security, portfolio cash flow, etc:

The common GASB reports (72, etc.) are also provided:

TVI Platinum Reporting is a popular tool for institutional and public funds investors because each page is immediately relevant, thorough, and simple to interpret for the sophisticated as well as the less experienced user.

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