Public Funds Investment Education

Here is a video sample of our class "Public Funds Investing Made Easy": 

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TVI is providing the popular 4 hour class, "Public Funds Investing Made Easy" at the Lynnwood Convention Center in Lynnwood, WA on Thursday, March 26, 2020. 

We are pleased to have been invited to teach our 4 Hour Class “Public Funds Investments Made Easy” at the following public entity conferences:

Washington Finance Officers Association Annual Conference:
September 2010
September 2011
September 2012
September 2013
September 2014 (1 Hour Version)
September 2015 (1 Hour Version)
September 2016 (Unlocking Bonds Swaps and Essential Investment Infrastructure)
September 2017 (1 Hour Version)
September 2018 (1 Hour Version)
September 2018 (How the Fed Affects Interest Rates)
September 2019 (Efficient Management Of The Public Funds Portfolio)

Washington Public Treasurers Association Annual Conference (3 Hour Version):
April 2010
April 2011
April 2012
April 2013
April 2016 (1 Hour Version)

Washington Public Ports Association Annual Conference:
June 2015 (2 Hour Version)

Washington Housing Authority Accounting Professionals:
September 2014 (1 Hour Version)

California Municipal Treasurer's Annual Conference:
April 2013
April 2014
April 2015
April 2016
April 2017
April 2018
April 2019

California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (Central Los Angeles Chapter):
July 2013 (1 Hour Version)

California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (Monterey Chapter):
August 2015 (1 Hour Version)

Idaho Association of County Treasurers Conference:
August 2019 (3 Hour Version)

Alaska Government Finance Officers Association:
November 2014 (1 Hour Version)
November 2017 (1 1/2 Hour Version)

This popular, jargon free class begins at the “kindergarten” level yet is quite comprehensive. It is our pleasure to provide it at no charge. Just let us know if you’d like details and a class description…


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